Adding New Services Soon to our Shop!

We will be introducing the following soon:

Medicated Baths ~ + $10-20

When we groom and wash your pet, we know all about how well their skin and coat is doing. We'll be able to tell whether they'll need any medicated shampoos based on the condition we see, and will let you know if we think they need it. Our shampoos will vary for different conditions, and are recommended by vets! This will be applied after the regular shampoo we already use to bath your dog. 

Advanced Teeth Cleaning ~ + $10-20

Baths aren't just all a dog needs, they also need teeth cleaning like people! This service will go more in depth with teeth using an advanced vet recommended paste, followed by a natural whitening gel, and foam/mist to eliminate bad doggy breath. This is not a vet dental procedure, however this will be a service to avoid any expensive dental work in the long-run and avoid health complications for your dog! 

Mabel's 7 Top Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly

1) Fleas / Ticks

Fleas are awful, but have you ever seen a tick? These insects are both external parasites that can live and feed on your beloved pet. The worse part is that they can even transfer to you, and expose you, or your pet, to health hazards. The bath shampoo and grooming process allows the removal of these parasitic insects, and their eggs. (A flea can lay up to 4000 eggs on its host)

2) Controls Shedding / Loose Hair

Ever pet your dog's hair and found a lot of it to be stuck on your hand? Or perhaps simply noticing the moment your dog goes on the sofa or car seat, there is a catastrophe of hair all over? It's time to get it groomed! Though grooming won't entirely eliminate hair from falling out, it allows a significant less to fall due to all the brushing we do. It even allows less heat for your pet!

3) No More Scooting (Bottom Dragging)

Have you ever seen your dog try to itch its bottom area, like dragging its rear end on the floor, ? Well one of the reasons could be that its time to have its anal glands expressed, since the anal glands of a dog tends to get inflamed, leading to blockage or discomfort. During every bathing process, we take care of it so that you and your pet won't have to go to the vet! 

4) Ear and Teeth Cleaning

Just like us, dogs need to stay hygienic too. Dogs are very prone to getting an ear infection, to the point where they'll constantly shake their head, or try to itch it with their paws. Though, we have an ear cleaning solution to prevent and clean it! As for teeth, we apply your brush and paste you bring, or use ours as requested, to prevent decay.

5) Skin Care (Dandruff / Hot spots)

Have you ever noticed a bald spot on your dog? Or perhaps white flakes that fall out as your dog scratches it's coat? A dog's skin is prone to getting dry, especially if your buddy is an outdoor adventurer. Too long without a bath may lead to hot spots, which are irritated red bald spots that arises from excessive scratching or licking. Fortunately, we apply medicated treatments when we spot the trouble! Our shampoos and sprays rejuvenates your dog's fur and skin to stay moisturized. 

6) Matted (Knotted) Hair

For long haired dogs, they need to be brushed in order to avoid thick knots that can lead to pain or irritation. In order to keep their hair and fur free to blow in the wind, we brush and remove knots! For severe matted coats, we offer shaving to let your buddy's hair start anew and prevent over-heating from its thick hair. 

7) Nails, nails, nails!

If you take your dog out for walks a lot, most likely their nails are filed from the concrete that they walk on. However, for others, long nails become bothersome for both your pooch and you! From floor scratching to scratching you when they jump, we solve this problem by filing and cutting nails so that they're not sharp and pointy.