Adding New Services Soon to our Shop!

We will be introducing the following soon:

Medicated Baths ~ + $10-20

When we groom and wash your pet, we know all about how well their skin and coat is doing. We'll be able to tell whether they'll need any medicated shampoos based on the condition we see, and will let you know if we think they need it. Our shampoos will vary for different conditions, and are recommended by vets! This will be applied after the regular shampoo we already use to bath your dog. 

Advanced Teeth Cleaning ~ + $10-20

Baths aren't just all a dog needs, they also need teeth cleaning like people! This service will go more in depth with teeth using an advanced vet recommended paste, followed by a natural whitening gel, and foam/mist to eliminate bad doggy breath. This is not a vet dental procedure, however this will be a service to avoid any expensive dental work in the long-run and avoid health complications for your dog!