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Tues – Sat: 8am to 4pm


Beginning from $40+, your pet will enjoy Mabel's family grooming and care, that offers a larger range of shampoos, from organic to medicated, that best suits your pet's skin and hair. Want to add a haircut? With long experience as hair stylists, Mabel or her sister Maria will make your dog look fantastic and to your specifications.


Mon-Sat: 8:30am to 4pm (by Appt. Only - least 3 days before)


Starting from $50+, your pet will have a full spa treatment right at their doorstep! Mobile service offers one-on-one care and convenience for you, and your pet. Raul or Armidio will ensure your dog will be fragrant and looking their best.



What our Grooming Service covers:

For Bathing:

✓ Shampoo / Conditioning

✓ Deep scrubbing

✓ Tear / Rear dirt cleaning

✓ Hot Spot / Odor treatment

✓ Anal Gland Expression

✓ Blow Drying

✓ Brush / De-shedding

✓ De-matting

✓ Nail clipping / filing

✓ Ear cleaning / Ear hair clutter removal

✓ Face / Feet / Tail Trim Detail

✓ Sanitary area Trimming

✓ Perfume Spray

✓ Bow on collar

Options for Haircuts

- Standard breed cut

- All-around Trimming

- Shaving / Summer Cut

- Specific Custom Styling